Dr. Yong Li BSc. MSc.

Yong currently works in the Institute of Structural Materials in the Engineering department at Swansea University. His current work is primarily focused on the mechanical properties of intermetallic metals.

The ISM is a global leader in mechanical testing and Yong has played an important part in creating this success. His experience and expertise makes him a world expert in a range of test techniques, with his mechanical testing currently focused on fatigue and corrosion testing.


He is also an expert in materials characterisation using a range of techniques, including SEM, XRD, EBSD and TEM. And is enjoying taking advantage of all the new equipment available at the new Bay Campus.


His research is primarily focussed on the development of industrial applications with Rolls Royce. His work enhances the understanding of failure mechanisms and improves component design. Ultimately Yong's work has made air travel safer and cheaper for all of us.




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