Dr. Thomas Simm BSc. MSc.


Thomas' work is focused on understanding the plastic deformation of metals. He seeks to understand the failure of metals and how to produce better alloys.



"Ultimately I'd like a theory of work-hardening, but metals are chaotic we have to consider multiple length scales and the best we can really hope for are workable models"


Within this area Thomas' work is focussed on getting the most from characterisation techniques to understand plastic deformation. His goal is to evaluate different techniques and use them in combination with modelling and mechanical tests to take our understanding to the next level.


Thomas is an expert in a range of Characterisation techniques, with specialisms in x-ray diffraction (dppa) and EBSD (dbsd). And experienced in a range of and mechanical test techniques: tensile, creep, toughness, fatigue.

His materials expertise is focused on steel and HCP (e.g. magnesium) alloys. He principally works with Matlab to get the most from characterisation techniques and develop models on the behaviour of metals.


"Steel has been around for nearly 4000 years. It is the most used metal by some margin and is used for a wide variety of different applications including planes, buildings, cars, cooking utensils. But steel is actually really complicated to understand. We can still get so much more from it, which will really help society"


Thomas currently works in the engineering department at Swansea University. He gained funding for a fellowship through the Ser Cymru program, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Welsh Government, to continue his research on plastic deformation and characterisation methods (see abstract here).


He studied for his PhD in materials at The University of Manchester and worked at The University of Sheffield before moving to Wales.


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What others say


'you reassure me that people are still passionate about what they do...and science is a goddam higher level.' Charlotte, Lyon Artist


Prof A: 'What is your (materials) interest?', Prof B: "Thomas is interested in everything!" Universite Paris 13


'Tom is a pro-active and key member of the team here (at Swansea Engineering). His work in advanced characterization techniques applied to industrially relevant materials development puts us at a competitive advantage and in combination with new links established across other institutions has started to produce high impact work that is being presented at international conferences and high impact factor journal papers.' Assoc. Prof ISM Swansea


'Thank you very much for the experience!'; 'I really appreciate the help and guidance you have given me, it has been invaluable'; 'I would have probably not written up if it wasn't for your hassling/support'; 'Special mentions are due to Tom Simm for his style (in everything from conversation to hair)'. Researchers and Students Thomas has helped or supervised


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