Dr. Alex Forsey MEng.


Alex's work is focused on the use of digital image correlation (DIC) to understand the mechanical properties of materials. read more


Specialities: DIC, Matlab

Interests: Welds, Creep





Dr. Yadunandan Das BE, ME


Yadu is currently studying for a PhD at The Open University. Yadu’s Master's thesis was carried out at the Indian Institute of Technology and looked at creep studies on simulated heat affected zones in P92 steels. read more


Specialities: HR-DIC, TRIP steel

Interests: EBSD, Neutron Diffraction, martensite



Dr. Yong Li BSc. MSc.

Yong currently works in the Institute of Structural Materials in the Engineering department at Swansea University. His current work is primarily focused on the mechanical properties of intermetallic metals. read more


Specialities: Mechanical Tests, Ti aluminides

Interests: High Cycle Fatigue, Creep, Corrosion



Malcolm Simm BA, MA, Cert. Ed., Hon. Mem. CGLI

Malcolm adds a wealth of knowledge and experience from the arts to the sciences. His industrial experience ranges from manufacturing through steel production to sports broadcasting with the BBC. read more


Specialities: Training, Organisation

Interests: Sports Science



Dr. Thomas Simm BSc. MSc.


Thomas' work is focused on understanding the plastic deformation of metals. He seeks to understand the failure of metals and how to improve their properties. read more


Specialities: DPPA, Steel

Interests: EBSD, X-ray / Neutron Beamlines, HCP alloys




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