Malcolm Simm BA, MA, Cert. Ed., Hon. Mem. CGLI


Malcolm is the Chairman of Diagnosis Materialia. To this role he brings a wide range of skills and experience. During his youth Malc was a key DJ in the Northern Soul movement centred in Wigan. And he later continued his broadcasting career working for BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio Hallam as a sports broadcaster.


It was when he entered higher education that he really found his niche. In his time in education he was awarded an Honorary Membership of The City of Guilds of London Institute for his "outstanding contribution to the development of education and training". He developed a number of high ranking educational programmes used nationally and internationally, and worked with the EU on educational reform. As part of his role as Head of Sports Science, Malc successfully led a team of over 100 full-time and 200 part-time lecturers, along with over 20 technical staff and fitness and educational suites.


Malc has a passion for research, he started a PhD in quantum theory along the interpretations of David Bohm. His work commitments meant it had to take a secondary role but he is now completing writing it up. He also has had time to return to his favourite passion and has been working to add real scientific evaluation to the field of golf. The main focus being on the analysis of the golf swing and the testing of equipment to improve performance.


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